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Las Galerías Branding

Strategy, Branding & Presentation Design

Ciudad Comercio tasked me with revatalizing the visual apperance of their open air mall and comercial center. This mall was affected during Covid-19 and was not able to secure contracts, it has been mostly empty since. I create a strategy that would buildspaces where customers can spend time with their familes and friends and enjoy themselves. I proposed a new brand for this existing mall. Characterized by it’s gallery style architecure I brandind it as Las Galerías. 

A new brand and a new approach. 

Las Galerías is a now a place where comerece meets the flora and faua of our reigon. By creating and ecological component to the space, we bring back the lush greenery that is so dear to our culture and create a space for the community to meet beyond commerce and having to run the household errand. I suggested an ecological park that would create third space for the community as well as a space to teach younger generations about our local plants, culture and animals, through didacting tours and educational signage. 

I aimed to make Las Galerias more than a mall. I created a series of presntation as a propsal for both the new las Galerias Brand, the Ciudad Comercio brand-refresh and the new action plan for the space. 

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