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Homage Book: Olga Ribera Díez

Graphic Design & Typography

Olga Ribera Díez’s homage book was started as part of my Design Degree Project 2 class and will be completed in conjunction with Museo Artecampo in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Olga is a Bolivian ceramicist, artist and professor. Her work with organizations such as Taller de Artes Visuales (TAV), CIDAC, and Artecampo has touched the lives of so many. The time she has dedicated to her craft and to working with various artisan groups has aided in the preservation of the traditional crafts of our region.

The text is in a preliminary state and will be finalized with the support of a Bolivian historian.

Book Cover Design

I wanted to create a very tactile book that resembles Olga's style of work. When designing and illustrating she heavily uses tracing or vellum paper, constantly iterating and overlaying corrections in her designs. She uses Kraft paper to organize and store her drafts.

I wanted to incorporate these aspects to honor her chosen medium and craft. The cover of the book resembles the kraft paper used to store her work, and the Coptic binding and screen printed title highlight the detailed and delicate work Olga is known and recognized for.

Image Treatment & Illustration

Images used throughout the book were scanned from a collection of Olga’s photographs. Most of the sketches and test swatches included in the book were from Museo Artecampo’s archive. Museo Artecampo has a large collection of Olguita’s drafts, as they have been working with her for 30 years.

I wanted these spreads to emulate the feel of a work table, papers scattered as Olga creates her pieces or remembers her life.

Illustrative elements for this book are heavily influenced by nature, and how Olga depicts our region’s flora and fauna in her work. The inside cover illustration is based on a sketch by Olga for a wall carving that is executed by the Talladores of San Miguel in Bolivia. All other leaves and flowers are based on specific details from within some of her designs.


Color inspiration was derived both from Museo Artecampo’s architecture and the pieces designed by Olga and created by artisans.

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