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Andrea Barrios Duran 
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Branding, Web Design & UI/UX 

In Spring 2022, I was part of a team of 4 designers within Scout (Northeastern University’s student-led design studio). Our client for the semester was Blacket, a social e-commence site for Black-owned businesses. 

Meet our client
Blacket is the premier social-ecommerce platform to find and support Black owned business owners and freelancers. It allows entrepreneurs to sell both products and services directly to their core customer base. We are fostering a community for the culture and revolutionizing the way that people buy Black. Don’t just buy Black anymore, buy Blacket!

E-Commerce Site

A series of our hi-fi pages created on Figma.


Left: Pesonality levers branding excersice with the client.
Right: Moodboarding and design strategy branding excersise.

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