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Binder Clip Studies

Illustration & Graphic Translation

Duirng my Graphic Design I class we were tasked to get very familiar with an object’s shape. To this end I chose to produce 150 sketches of a binder clip, each created in a different manner. Some were made with my eyes closed, some walking, and many different mediums were used. After that we had to create a graphic translation of our chosen object, and a composition of 5 lines and 5 dots to create the shape. I found this exercise extremely valuable as it taught me attention to detail and the illusion of shapes.  

Graphic Translation

The Graphic Translation project was one of my first and lengthiest projects for  my Graphic Design 1 course in the Spring Semester of  2020. To the left you can see my final product: a binder clip. This binder clip is composed only of white and black shapes overlaid and positioned to look like a binder clip, but in reality are just lines, shapes and blobs.

5 Lines

The project 5 lines is a continuation to the Graphic Translation project for my Graphic Design 1 course. Like my graphic translation project my subject was a binder clip. The three iterations you can see to below were initially drawn on paper. In order to get to these final three designs I drew a binder clip using only five or fewer lines and dots. 

150 Iterations

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